Why WordPress?

A WordPress specialist, Downhill Media designs and develops the majority of our clients’ custom websites with WordPress. Whether a blog or commercial website, many of our small business clients want to be able to manage at least some content. WordPress works nicely as a Content Management System (CMS). It’s widely used and well supported. And it’s easier for clients to use than many other CMS solutions.

The Beauty of Database Driven Content

Static HTML websites have advantages — speed being chief among them. But all content is hard coded on each page. WordPress is database driven, so content is dynamic. Enter content once and it can be used in one or more places in your website. Site data can also be backed up, imported, and exported.

Responsive WordPress Design

We develop all new websites using responsive design, including WordPress sites. We use Thesis or a Twitter Bootstrap design framework, depending on what suits your site best.

WordPress Web Maintenance

With WordPress, you can manage as much or as little of your website as you like. Downhill Media will take care of anything beyond what you can or want to do. There are also periodic upgrades to WordPress itself, themes, skins, and plugins that clients generally leave to us. These keep your site secure and/or add functions or features.