eCommerce Website Design & Development

Need to Sell Online?

Small businesses are increasingly finding that customers want the convenience of shopping online. Selling online has become an important component of retail sales. In fact, at this point online sales are surpassing brick and mortar sales.

Downhill Media designs and develops eCommerce websites — either stand-alone shopping carts or as part of a larger site that may also include online brochure content, a blog or other marketing communications content.

We specialize in developing eCommerce Templates (ECT) shopping carts — stand-alone or integrated with WordPress. It is a robust cart that now has a WordPress version. Unlike eCommerce plugins for WordPress, ECT uses a separate database, which is more secure.

K-TOR® designs and manufactures human powered, portable energy generators that serve as portable outlets to provide electrical power on the go. Learn more at

Mad Trees is the retail operation of Appalachian Landscaping. They sell hearty regionally grown plants, direct from the grower, to Central Vermont’s Mad River Valley. Learn more at

Bridget LaMell is a bag artisan. With a passion for all textiles, Bridget explores the marriage of fabrics that are both durable and beautiful. Learn more at